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I'm Happy, Damn It

Sunday, July 20, 2014 / ,

Happiness.  It's what I want.  It's what we all want, I think.  But why is it so hard to come by?  I've been working on creating my own happiness for the majority of this year.  It comes and goes, but I'm hoping it's here to stay for a while now. 

I'm sitting in a random coffee shop on 34th St, discovered by being accidentally early to an audition and in need of some way to occupy my time for 30 minutes.  The "organic coffee" sign caught my eye, and I was thrilled to see only one person in line ahead of me.  Further thrilled that a small was only $1.91, and then ecstatic to find that the coffee tastes amazing.  As in, good enough that I had the urge to run into the street and tell people about it.  Which I didn't, not that anyone would have looked twice anyway.  I sat down by the window to watch the tourists fumbling around enjoying themselves, not noticing that I didn't close the lid on my coffee properly.  I bring it up to my mouth, and proceed to spill a decent amount all over my leg.  I looked down and stated, "well that's no good.", and laughed. 

After processing the moment, I was completely surprised by my reaction.  On any given day, it would have been "F%*&", followed by crankiness at the loss of such good coffee.  What is wrong with me?  For two days now, I have been obnoxiously happy for no good reason.  Why?

I stopped thinking.  Usually, I am perpetually trapped inside my own head: What I should be doing, what I haven't accomplished yet, do people like me, am I making all the right choices, it goes on and on forever.  When you're in a constant state of "not good enough" - everything you do seems insignificant.  What might be amazing to someone else, is just a check mark for me, and then it's, "what's next?".  Yes, the drive is there, and it gets stuff done, but the mental heaviness becomes extreme.  Slowly, it creeps, until one day you're just so overwhelmed everything seems hopeless. Super healthy, right?

Earlier this week, I came across a quote by one of my favorite people, Jordan Bach.  If you don't read his blog - do. Anyway, he said, 

"Change your thoughts and your feelings will change, then your attitude, then your behavior, then your life."

A simple statement.  But it resonated with me, and everything just clicked.  Spend enough time putting positive energy out into the universe, and it is bound to come back to you.  People sense it, and are drawn to you.  Even in a city of assholes. 

To be honest, this isn't a new discovery for me.  I have put it into practice before - but life happens and it's easier said then done sometimes.  I get so caught up in my career, the next project, reaching that unattainable level of "success".  Working so hard only to be rejected.  It's tough.  When all I really need to do is just let go, and find my inner peace.  Do something for someone other than myself.  Dance for the joy of it, not in a desperate attempt to book a job.  Love without getting hung up on if it's reciprocated.  Stop being afraid of failure.  Don't overthink.  Just be a human and live.  

So that's what I'm doing.  I smell like coffee, and my leg is probably burned.  But I'm going to dance, and I'll be happy about it. 

My Typical To-Do List

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / ,

This person^ has an awesome life

Guys, my life is odd.  Last night I started writing down my to-do list, when it struck me how hilariously ridiculous it was.  The fact that I legitimately need to do all of these things for work is bonkers...but I love it.  Enjoy.
  • Memorize commercial script
  • Put together 6 minute tap dance
  • Edit dance reel
  • Choreograph mime interpretations to "Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen
  • Practice yoga
  • Rehearsal in Central Park
  • Master 22 ways to tie a sarong

I better get to work, the sarong looks like it could be a challenge.

*On a side note:  I am performing at the Check Us Out Dance Festival this Saturday at Summit Rock in Central Park.  5pm, if anyone in the area is bored and would like to attend.  Event is free, find more info here.

5 Skills You'll Want To Have in NYC

Monday, July 14, 2014 / , ,

On the way to a party this past weekend - from my Instagram 

When you spend as much time in NYC as I do, you pick up a few...skills.

1.  Changing into your heels on the elevator.  99% of the time, you are walking at least part of the way to your destination.  99% of the time, the event at that destination requires heels.  If the elevator ride is 10 floors or more (which it likely is) you can pack heels with buckle straps.  Less than 10 floors, it's probably safer to go with slip-ons.

2.  Crossing the street without getting yourself killed.  No one actually waits until the "walk" light goes on (except tourists, that is).  There is a certain amount of timing, speed, and agility acquired once you have spent enough time dodging cabs and getting ahead of the crowd.  This one really is a skill.

3.  Immunity to sob stories.  Not something I'm super proud of.  But honestly, the amount of people who come up to you on the daily (depending where you are) with some new story asking for money, you would go broke if you gave something to all of them.  I realize this makes me sound horrible to non-New Yorkers...but it's true.  However, I am not completely soulless, and will dish out a few bucks once in a while.

4.  Avoiding eye-contact.  This one is huge for moving quickly about the city without getting stopped by people asking for money (see above ^), performers on the subway, and various religious groups who will try to convert you.  Invest in a large pair of sunglasses to help.

5.  Not caring when people are assholes.  Because pretty much everyone in New York is, so you better get used to it fast.  Not to worry though, it makes the people you do love just that more special.  Awwwwws.  

Now here is a lovely animated thing to sum up what is basically New York:

Vegan Non-Toxic USA-Made Polish?! - Say Hello to Lisa Nail Lacquer

Saturday, July 12, 2014 / ,

Today I am going to share a recent discovery: Lisa Nail Lacquer.  What do I love about these polishes?  Without even getting into the gorgeous colors, all the polishes are vegan and non-toxic, not to mention cruelty-free and USA made - win win win win!  Lisa, a former beauty editor, created the formula when she was pregnant with her son and did not want to use harmful chemicals.  She kindly sent over two colors for me to try out: Pistachio Ice Cream and Jamaican Sun - both from the Summer Love Collection.  I immediately fell in love with the vibrant yellow and gorgeous green.  

I tend to paint my nails green more than any other color - so getting the Pistachio was very exciting!

Two coats is enough, but I applied a third for extra vibrancy.  The formula is thin, which gives a very quick drying time.  The finish is glossy and the shade of green is beautiful, I even got a compliment on the color from a random stranger.  It has been on for 3 days so far without any chipping, which is a good sign.  I would definitely say it stands up to wear.

Each polish is $7.00, which is about the same as most brands, but a bargain for the quality.

Browse all of Lisa Nail Lacquer polishes:

What's your favorite color?

Blogger Blasphemy

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 / ,

Terrible selfie which has nothing to do with the post. Onward. 

I was sitting here thinking about how tomorrow is my birthday (yay!), when an interesting thought hit me:

"I didn't write a birthday wishlist post this year!  Wait, now that I think of it...I am not doing any sort of giveaway this year either.  Pretty sure it's written somewhere in the blogger bible that you must do giveaways and write wishlists for occasions where presents are to be received.  Oops."

And that's pretty much how the self-conversation went. 

Which got me thinking, how many other "Blogger Rules" do I blatantly disregard on a regular basis?  A lot, most likely.  Now, I know this post has been done, but tomorrow is my birthday so I get a free pass on unoriginality.  Let's get into my crimes.

I don't respond to every. single. comment.  I try to respond to most, especially if a reader takes the time to write out something thoughtful.  However, if it is just something I would only respond "thanks!" to, I'll usually just let it go.  

Linkups annoy the hell out of me.  Yes, I still participate in a few for the exposure on certain posts.  But I don't have to like it!

My blogging schedule has gone out the window.  I used to be so good.  As in, a fresh new post every day, Mon-Fri.  I'm going to go with "absence makes the hearts (of readers) grow fonder"

Sometimes I roll my eyes at how cheerful blog-land is.  Yes, I recognize that I cannot speak for all blogs on the internet, many of which are not cheerful at all.  However, sometimes I feel engulfed by posts of happy-how-to's and chevron-rainbow-throw-pillows.*  I have taken on a sense of duty to add some snark into the mix.  You're welcome...I think?

I don't exploit every holiday to it's full potential.  It's basically blogger code to seasonally write as many posts as possible around whatever holiday/season is going on.  I get it, it's great for boosting traffic and bringing in new readers - no hate.  But the thought of planning a million themed posts around a specific occasion just exhausts me (maybe running 25 giveaways at Christmastime had something to do with that....).  Hypocrisy at it's finest, people. 

So there's that.  I have nothing against any of the above, they just happen to be things that I've found don't work for my blog.  While I don't take full advantage of holidays like my birthday, I do fully exploit my pet as often as possible.  Because what does better on the internet than cats?  Cute pet = pageviews. 

cats on the internet

*Please don't stop being cheerful, it's currently 6:28 am and I haven't had my required amount of coffee to be a real person yet.  Happy posts become way more appealing in the afternoon. 


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