Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Want Free Stuff?

black cat bed under covers

If you are a regular reader of Undeniably, me, you may have noticed that posts have been a little scarce lately.  Last week (or the week before?) I addressed why here.  The full truth though?  I think I am in a blogging slump.  I love my little blog, and would post everyday if I had something interesting to say!  I was tweeting about this predicament earlier, and one of you replied, "quality over quantity" - which is absolutely perfect.  I want this to be a blog of posts I am proud of, not things I threw together just to get content up.  So that's why nothing interesting is going up right now, because my mind is drawing a blank.  As soon as the creative juices start flowing again - you'll know!

Anyway, since this is technically a "lifestyle" blog, it seems fitting that I should fill you in on some things that have been going on with said "life".

-  The dance company I direct has their first competition this Sunday!  I am all sorts of nervous and excited.

-  I'm in the process of doing a massive closet clean-out.  Some things may end up in my shop, so keep a lookout.

-  Also in the process of a massive apartment clean-out.  Anyone in the NY/NJ area want free stuff?  Hit me up.

-  Oliver is up to his usual antics.  His new thing is sticking his paws into the jar of q-tips and cotton balls while I'm out, so I come home to a bathroom floor covered in them.  He's cute it's OK.

-  I am just getting over some sort of sickness - coughing/runny nose/grossness.  Hopefully will be 100% by the weekend.

That's all.  Hope you are having a great week!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Moments in March

Even though we are already a week into April, I figured it wasn't too late to share some of my favorite Instagram moments from March.  It was quite the month, though I am glad we are now finally into the warmer weather!

1. Lights from the Imagine Dragons concert.
2. Pre-concert selfie with my brother!
3. Cute little letter from one of my students - why are they so cute?
4. Got my adorable Oliver mug from the mug swap.
5. Snacking on mango and strawberries...and matching my accessories to them.
6. Practicing calypso jumps for my dance reel.
7. Manhattan across the river.
8. Oliver being a silly boy under the covers.
9. blah.

What was your favorite moment in March?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Outdoor Lunch Date Outfit

It is finally, finally starting to feel like spring!  *knock on wood*  I put together an outfit to wear for an outdoor lunch date with my girlfriends - something I've been doing a lot lately, minus the outdoor part.  Soon though, if these sunny days decide to stay!

A pair of white skinny jeans just screams "spring", they are a fresh alternative to your standard blue denim.  The flowy top adds a carefree feel to the look.  Gold and jewels are the accessories theme: earrings, hand bracelet, and sandals.  Finish off the outfit with a neutral handbag.  You can bet this is the outfit I am re-creating next time we go out!

Speaking of spring, I have been up to some "spring cleaning" this week.  However, it is only a project because I have let my place fall into an unfortunate state of disaster the past few weeks.  I finally couldn't stand it any longer, and busted out the cleaning moves.  I'm still in shock:

Real cute. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

The #1 Element of an Effective Business Card

#1 top element of an effective business card

This little blog has grown a lot in the past year.  It's still a baby in the grand scheme of things, but I am proud of it thus far.  While blogging is technically a hobby for me, I do take it seriously, and try come off as professional as possible.  One of the best tools I have found is having a good business card.  Handing out professional-looking business cards to bloggers, businesses, and potential sponsors gives you instant credibility.  It says that you take your blog seriously, and in turn, will take future projects seriously.

So what makes a great business card?  Obviously the basics: website, email, social media.  However, the one thing that will really make you stand out?  Yourself.  That's right - a photo of yourself on your card makes it impossible for people to forget you.  I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten an email saying, "Nice meeting you, I remembered to contact you because of the picture on your business card!"

#1 top element of an effective business card

People are busy.  When a prospective client gets home from an event, they likely have stack of cards accumulated over the night.  They might have a specific person in mind (hopefully you!) to contact.  But oh, no!  Now, they need sort through all the cards, try to remember your name, sit at the computer typing in website after website....and in the process, they come across someone they like better before pulling your card out.  It happens.  Unless you have a unique name (Topanga/Chewbacca /Apple), your face is more likely to be what people remember.

Never fear though, this can all be avoided by channeling your inner narcissist - don't even try to deny her, you're a blogger - and slapping your beautiful mug on that business card.  Voila!  Now you are clever and memorable.  I designed my business cards using Photoshop, and had them made through VistaPrint.  Super easy and even though it costs a little more to design yourself instead of using a pre-made template, it is 100% worth it in my opinion - because you are way more likely to be contacted.

What are your thoughts on blogger business cards?  Do you use them, and have you made connections?

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Art of Juggling.

Once upon a time, I got it in my head that I wanted to learn to juggle.  Simple enough endeavor.  My mom bought me a "How to Juggle" book, I studied it carefully, and picked up the ball expecting to be a pro juggler within a few tries.  It was not so.  No matter how hard I tried, how many times I re-read that book, I could just never get the hang of it.  It was frustrating, I was sad, and to this day, I still get a pang of envy when I see someone effortlessly juggling.

When it comes to juggling life, sometimes it seems like I am still that girl who can't throw one ball and catch the other simultaneously.  Maybe I have too many priorities, and am spreading myself too thin.  More than likely that is the case.  Everywhere I have turned to for advice on this says that I have to let some things go.  Which is all fine and dandy, in theory.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a few dance-related videos popping up.  Those are just snippets of a ton of footage I have been taking lately, in preparation of making a dance reel.  For professional dancers, a reel is a video of our strengths, style, and versatility.  When I cannot attend an audition, I'll just send along my headshot, resume, and link to my dance reel.  So, it's a pretty important tool to have if I want to further my career in dance.

Which brings me back to juggling.  I have posted before just how crazy my work life is (here) in between that, writing this blog, keeping up with my apartment, maintaining some sort of social life (hah). Now, I have added what is essentially a job search, with physically exhausting interviews in a room together where you are literally competing against everyone else to get the job - while smiling and acting like you're having the best time of your life.  Not to mention that 200/1 audition/job ratio.  It's super fun.  BUT - it is what I want, so I will keep doing it for as long as it takes.  Hopefully, something will come up and I can let another priority go.  As of right now, summer cannot come fast enough, as I am planning to work as little as possible and focus solely on auditions.  We shall see.

Thanks for sticking with me through this - if it takes me a few days to respond/comment/etc., it's not personal, I am probably just focusing on getting that perfect pirouette.

Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my dance-related photos & videos!  


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