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10 Things Learned in a Week of NYC Dance Auditions

Friday, April 18, 2014 / , ,

As some of you may know, I have been auditioning quite a bit lately.  As in, 7 shows in 4 days this week.  I managed to pick up a few tips along the way, which I will be sharing with you today!  Whether you audition yourself, or just want a peek into the life of a professional dancer - read on.

1.  Arrive early.  Like, ridiculously early.  10:00am call?  Get there at 7:00.  No, really.  On Friday, I had a call a 2:00pm for Flashdance.  I arrived at 12:15, and was #90 on the list.  Not 30 minutes later, the monitor said we would be starting early, as in around 1:00.  It happens - and you don't want to arrive "on time", only to find out you missed the call.

2.  Bring ALL of your shoes.  Jazz, ballet, heels, heel taps, flat taps, character - etc etc etc.  Sometimes, they will give you more shoe options, or tell you to wear something different altogether - it's better to be prepared and have everything just in case!

3.  Bring multiple outfits.  Maybe not your entire dance wardrobe, but it's good to have options.  Leotards, crop tops, shorts, skirts, tights - take one of each!

4.  Bring your makeup, hairspray, bobby pins, and a hairbrush.  You know, the basics.

5.  Snacks are important.  You can't dance on empty!

6.  Hydration is too.  Wataaa

7.  Warm-up completely before the audition starts.  For me, that means a complete vocal warm-up at home, and as much of a dance warm-up as possible.  Then, I finish my dance warm-up once I arrive (2 hours early!) at the audition.

8.  Don't take it seriously.  Well, not completely at least.  I see people get their hopes and dreams crushed everyday just because they were cut.  You can't let it get to you, because the casting director's choice is not personal (unless you insulted their mother or something).  It can be as simple as they might be looking for a brunette, and you happen to be blonde.  So no matter how amazing you are, there is no way you would have gotten the roll - and it has nothing to do with your talent.  Remember - I can never be a Rockette.  Too short.  Wah. 

9.  Make friends!  It is so much easier to deal with the pressure if you make friends with the other dancers.  In only a few days, I made a handful of new people, ran into old friends from highschool who also on the audition circuit, recognized people from shows I've seen and made friends with them too!  It's nice to see familiar faces.

10.  Have fun.  At the end of the day, we dance because we love it - and that is really what the directors want to see anyway.  So have fun, dance, and DON'T FORGET TO SMILE!

  1. These are great tips! I was so heavy into dance in elementary through high school, and a little bit in college, and sometimes wish I was still in that world, but not when it comes to auditioning. That circuit would be too much for me! Best wishes!


  2. I can't imagine going through that process! I've done just a little bit of auditioning for theater roles--it can be scary!

  3. Best of luck at your auditions.
    Visiting from Friday Fab Favorites!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  4. I didn't know the rockette's had a height requirement...just learned something new!

  5. love this! good luck with all of your auditions :) i just dance for fun, so i can't imagine actually auditioning - eek!


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